VIDEO: White Girl Obsessed With Skin Darkening Talks About Injecting Melanin Into Her Body, The Physical & Social Side Effects

by Nana Tamakloe

Ghana Race & Fashion 

The growing status of white girls skin darkening could soon get out of hand and be a cultural issue that would have social ramification in many European countries. A number of videos surged last year with young white girls upset they weren’t black and telling their mums how they wished to be.

We even witnessed last year the bust white lady who tanned so much with injections, it went so deep in her brain she decided to move to Africa.

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We also learnt a few years back about Rachel Dozel. The white lady that was running the NAACP (African American political organisation) under the guise of being a black woman, and she managed to fool the people of that organisation simply by wearing braids. When caught she told the press she identifies as black and therefore she is (not in those exact words).

Also last year to this year, we witnessed the rise of large numbers of white girls that would pose on social media, not as tanned white girls, but as black girls. They will to through extreme tanning habits to obtain a skin tone far different to theirs, change their hairstyle to more urban or African cultures styles, and then dress that way before publishing their look on social media.

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In the growing epidemic where dark skin beauty is fairly trending on social media, These white girls risk their livelihood simply just to appease to the counterparts to be seen as beautiful. In many cases extreme can cause many health hazards. A few examples are Premature Aging/Photoaging, Skin Cancer, Actinic or Solar Keratoses, Eye Damage and how can we forget, racism!

The video below documents one such girl is Hannah. Formally @DirttyHippie__ on instagram but now anonymous. She started off with the usual tanning, until she got introduced to tanning injections by her bother using substance called melanotan. Of which the UK health services, NHS have stated “Anyone currently using should stop doing so immediately for their own safety, the drug has not been safety tested by the UK safety agency users are advised to consult their GP for advice.” There are two types: natural and synthetic (manmade). Natural melatonin is made from the pineal gland of animals. It sells are a very expensive price.

So the question is, will these ladies learn to love themselves and restrain from executing such risks in their lives, or will this trend continue to grow amongst many European girls?

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