VIRAL: Popular Plus Size Model Simone Breaks The Internet With Half Naked Picture


Currently right now, I’m not sure if there is anything being talked about more than Simon Posa’s (@simonemariposa) instagram picture. The plus size model who is heavily followed on instagram is possibly on her way to becoming a celebrity with this new stunt.


She took to instagram to reveal an unapologetically topless image, with no retouching or removal of folds, just her and her beautiful self. What she has done is seen on instagram everyday, in fact most of the most followed ladies build their following through half naked pics, however she did it with a bit more. She posted the picture of herself with the following words below.

I’ve had this picture saved in my drafts for a while, and I was scared to post it.
I have a tough relationship with the rolls on my stomach, and anytime they show in pictures, I always delete them.
But I took a second to think about it, today.
This is me, the body that I have worked so hard to love and accept.
There’s no hiding it, and I shouldn’t have to.
I’d be doing a disservice to myself and the women who look at me and my body for inspiration to present a constantly edited depiction of myself.
So here I am. Rolls and all.

I think she is on her way to celebrity stardom, because this could possibly spark a movement of plus size girls coming out their shells. I can see Dove and many other campaigns coming for her. Anyways, what do you think?

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