Volta Revival Foundation Is Challenging Poverty And Bringing International Designers To Ghana

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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The new African fashion is the one that blends the modern western style with a touch of Africa tradition. The beauty and panache of the African wax prints itself have made it an attractive brand for even the western world. In Ghana, African print fashion has become popular among the youth and even the old. Fridays are special days set aside in Ghana for African print clothing. This was as a result of the Ghanaian government attempt since the early 2000s to encourage the patronage of African prints and elevate Ghanaian fashion designers.

In Africa, Ghana is seen as the most beloved country when it comes to fashion due to the distinctive taste of its citizens in fashion and designing. The unique Ghanaian prints, each of which has a beautiful traditional meaning and meant for special occasions, are increasingly becoming a significant part of every African fashion wear. Their colors are always complementary to create one seamless and unique pattern. The Akan and Ashanti Adinkra symbols adds meaning and attachments to most of these wears. This is a very good factor which always cause Ghanaian fashion dresses to that stand out at various public occasions. It’s very common to see Students and workers alike rock different types of African print fashion products. Amazing designs for both men and women are showcased all-round the country especially over the weekends.

The role of the fashion designer (tailor / seamstress) can never be underestimated in this new arena. Many youths across Ghana are now into apprenticeship in different part of the country to specialize in the industry. The sector has created job for many youth in Ada, one of the operational areas of Volta Revival foundation (VRF). VRF foundation is attempting to create a platform for this youth to sell and share their designs with other interested persons from different parts of the world. The foundation currently operates an online shop at Etsy U.S to showcase some of the products of these young talented guys in Ada.

Volta Revival Foundation also accept volunteers from all over the world who are interested in learning the sewing of African prints and in turn teach local tailor/ seamstresses some western styles. The idea is to create a platform for learning for both the volunteer and the local folks.

Volta Revival Foundation was recently fortunate to welcome the East African award winning cloth designer, Bobbin Case of BobbinCase clothing, to volunteer some few moment in Ghana. During his stay, Bobbin Case spent time with some local apprenticeship shops where he impacted his skills and also learnt one or two things about the Ghanaian way of doing things. The east Africa Fashion icon wish to return to Ada but until then, Volta Revival Foundation is open to all who want to volunteer their experience to help the less privilege

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