#BUYAFRICAN: Wearing African Earrings! What It Says About You & Where To Buy Them

by FashionGHANA Admin
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Jewelry of many sorts is worn throughout the African continent. Both women and men wear necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, nose rings, and other jewelry. Jewelry serves as both an ornament to beautify and, in some cases, a protective guard against evil spirits. But earrings in today’s light hold a much deeper influence on African history than we know it.

In Europe, ancient Rome to be exact, earrings were worn only by slaves, and in ancient Greece by prostitutes. On the contrary, in Africa, women would once wear earrings to signify the fact they were wealthy or of a higher class.

So if that counts for anything, the reflection of wearing earrings in their attractive state is cultivated by African history. Earrings have always held a much deeper meaning when it comes to African tribes and cultures.

Before colonialism and in many parts of Africa today, Jewelry is worn to express tribal association, age, civil and marital status, and wealth. Beaded African jewelry can give out as much information as is written or spoken, it has its own language and much can be derived about history, culture, and status.

Yes there is no doubt modern times have a senseless reason to wearing earrings with the exception of what goes best with your current outfit, and that is true, but maybe that is because times call for new meanings, and reasons to wear earrings besides cultural and marital status.

In a world where ownership of any major entity is consistently slipping away from the hands of Africans, from factories to brands, to culture, and more. Supporting Africa is, even more, direr than one could ever imagine.

African print came as a very popular phase, and easily slipped out of the grips of African people in minutes. The majority of the production companies from Vlisco, GTP, Woodin, and more weren’t owned by Africans. And the cheaper fabrics which were most popular such as High Target were being shipped in from China.

Immediately western media began publishing press to dilute and detach its origin from Africa, in regards to a story that once claimed wax print was brought over by the Asians. As if that constituted its current artform, however, as per usual the message was clear. Africans are pushing something that isn’t theirs.

Their fashion shows began to emulate the culture, the fabric manufacturers began to adopt more print designs, and foreign online stores that made a killing out of selling wax print clothes were not based in Africa. And so we had and still have a big wave of support for African fashion going into the concept of the wax print whilst the whole industry puts money in many except the hands of Africans.

To really support African fashion in today’s world, one will need to think a bit deeper and be more creative with their selection process. We will really need to dig into brands and craftsmen based in Africa.

This is why earrings play a much deeper role in our society. Earrings and other accessories, besides clothes, are a great way to identify with your support and connection to Africa. Not to downplay wax print, but it is a more solid means to show a society where you stand on the support of African fashion.

Throughout this article is the displaying of earrings, feel free to visit our shop and make a purchase.

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