Wedding Day Makeup Tips



Every bride deserves to look flawless on their wedding day. Makeup is very essential because your pictures will be filled with your face and there is nothing like a next day repeat  to make everything better. If you haven’t been diligent about your skin care routine now’s the time to begin. Getting regular facials makes a big difference in your skin’s texture and helps you have the best base for makeup.


Schedule a trial with a pro-makeup artist or do a trail yourself(doing your own makeup) so you get to know how you will look like on that day. Put facial and eye primer on the top of your makeup shopping list because your makeup is suppose to last for the whole day (ceremony, reception, selfie, dance etc.) and there will be no time for touch ups.


Do not panic because of last minute break-outs or pimples, that’s why they made concealers. Choose a concealer that looks natural and merge nicely with your skin and a lighter one for highlighting your face.

Go neutral on that day, extreme bold and shiny makeups can be done your for pre wedding shoot, engagement etc. You don’t want to look extremely different than what you already look like, then you have you explain yourself to everyone because your wedding day picture doesn’t look like you.



Use the bronzer with extra care, you don’t want to look orange or glittery because that can ruin your picture. Add a glow to your face by applying a soft, shimmery highlighter.

Since a lot of women shed tears of joy on that big day, i will recommend the use of a waterproof mascara and eye shadow so that they don’t smudge when the tears begin.


To me a wedding makeup is all about the eyes, they make everything pop. Warm color tones like purple,brown,black,pink palettes should be used for the eye shadow. soft and neutral color tones should be used for the lips.

Don’t forget the most important thing,make sure your personality shows in your makeup, you can go bright, shiny and bold if that’s what you want for your big day

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