West Hills Mall’s Fashion Outlet To Hit The Runway This Weekend



West Hills Mall management has announced that its month-long celebration of fashion will peak with a special fashion show on Saturday, July 30, showcasing the most voguish in affordable fashion and attract some of Ghana’s finest celebrities to the event.


Over the past couple of weeks, ‘fashion’ has become the catchword in the walkways of Ghana’s trendiest shopping destination, with all the Mall’s 17 fashion and lifestyle outlets showcasing an endless line of swanky and ‘au courant’ brands in men and women’s clothing, footwear, cosmetics, fabrics and accessories. West Hills Mall has been celebrating fashion since mid-July and, by popular request, mall authorities have now extended the ‘celebration’ till the end of August.

What this means is that, not only have all the mall’s fashion outlets (dealing in several thousands of local and international fashion and lifestyle brands), replenished and restocked their merchandise, but they have also put up irresistible offers and introduced different levels of discounts for patrons and the general public.

‘Our fashion outlets offer several thousands of local and international brands, but what makes us so unique in fashion is that many of our outlets, like Foschini, Markham, Sportsscene, Women’s Secret and Lufian, are exclusive to West Hills Mall and cannot be accessed anywhere else in the country,’ said Michael Oduro Konadu, Marketing Manager at the Mall.

Indeed, the ‘Sunglasses Hut’, the international retailer of top-grade sunglasses and sun-glass accessories has only one outlet in Ghana – the Hut at West Hills Mall – which, incidentally, is also tagged as the largest repository of world class designer sunglasses in West Africa.

‘Another thing which makes West Hills Mall a unique and very special shopping destination is that its brands meet the needs and wants of a broad and varied range of people and cater for persons in the high, middle and low income brackets,’ Mr. Konadu said.

Konadu described next Saturday’s catwalk show as a ‘must see’ event because it will lavishly showcase modern fashion for trendy men and women and feature a delightful range of mesmeric side-shows which will make the occasion indelible for all true fashion lovers and aficionados.

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Source: Daily Graphic


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