What’s Up With All The Nipples? Ghanaian Celebrities & Salone Style Girl Put The Nipples On Blast


It might be a coincidence, but fingers crossed it doesn’t turn into a trend…..then again who am I to complain 🙂 . Ghanaian actresses Moesha Buduong decided that it would be a good time to let us know that upon all their curves there are these two cute things at the very end of them.


Princess Shyngle decided to display it in a wet t shirt type, to remind her fans why they have been following her, and Moesha, well, just put on a tight dress with no bra.

But all in all, there is more, Nigerian based Sierra Leone style girl with the hottest thigh gap thought it would also be great to give us a silhoette peak of her nippled in wet swimsuit. After all, in the direction fashion is going in, nudity seems to be the way, let’s face it, if not for social media regulations, what’s to say we won’t be having an open private part party everyday on instagram.

So what say you? This is just nothing to think about? A possible trend? Or an abomination and they need to seek the gospel (as a few of our followers say everytime they see a bit of legs on our facebook 😀 ). See the images below and let us know.

Princess Shyngle Below


Ramamat from Sierra Leone

Ghana Celebrity Watch


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