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Ghana Celebrity Watch 

It is one thing to work on enhancing your looks, from make up, to weaves, to excersizing, to the very clothes we wear. And yes, there are those that go to the uncomfortable extreme such as bleaching, plastic surgery, melanin injection and more.

Some cases of beauty reforms have grey areas interms of what is right and wrong, some others can be justified (although wrongly) due to social prejudice, and some are actually to alternate physical disadvantages.

And then there is Princess Shyngle! We get it, men like curves, they like hips that curve out much more than the waist, and in most cases, slim waists. And there also are certain times in certain dresses and angles where her figure looks good, but when really analysed it is sickening, and the thought of what pushes her to squeeze her body out, almost as if she has something to prove..

It’s a shame that her career has been built of killing her waist. Yes she believes it’s beautiful, or possible has self esteem issues, but this is borderline disgusting. She probably grew up admiring Jessica Rabbit as a child and it’s fine to admire, but don’t let her be your target to overcome some depressing experience you might have gone through in your childhood.

There is nothing beautiful about what Princess Shyngle has showcased in this picture. It is disturbing and worrying! There is not a man that will pick a woman with such exhaustion to the waist over a woman with a normal waist. It isn’t sexy and more over it is scary to wonder the time and effort she takes to do this when alone in your room daily.

If you are a friend of family, kindly reach out to Princess Shyngle and encourage her to see a psychiatrist. This is not a shame or insult article, it is really a scary situation that this sickness is what will give birth to celebrity status in Ghana and give them movie roles and celebrity roles to inspire our young ones to look up to mentally incorrect habits.


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