When Is Fashion OK And Not OK For Plus Size Women

by Nana Tamakloe
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For the 10 or more years I’ve worked in fashion, plus size fashion has always had itself separated from normal fashion. It has gone far enough to the point where it is almost a sub industry of fashion. Plus size shops, plus size magazines, plus size fashion shows, etc.


Being from Africa it took a while for the concept to sink in. I always questions if this is a marketing tool or if this is a genuine necessity. Call me crazy but 99% of the clothes I see out there that non plus size girls wear, I see fit for plus size women. With the exception of clothes that reveal too much. So the question is what is too much?

Some might say it’s not fashionably appropriate for a plus size woman women to wear batty ryders or should we say tight short shorts! But plus size Jamaican women threw that rule in the bin years ago, rock it with net tops and it’s works fine for them. Some might say if you have a gut it’s best to keep it covered and not wear crop tops or belly tight hugging clothes, etc. I won’t disagree with that, but then it could be just an opinion.

Take away those two, it then becomes really questionable what else is and isn’t for plus size women. We tend to have women question us prior to buying items abroad, if this will look good on them or not, and we are left asking, why wouldn’t it?

Every women needs to take a note out of the Jamaican women’s note book and be more confident (remember, we said a note, not the whole book lol). Plus size or slim size, there is literally almost nothing that doesn’t work on you if the confidence isn’t there, but if it’s there, even the slim girls will envy you.

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