Which Natural Woman Are You?

by maame
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Are you a blow out babe or a curl chameleons?  Take our quiz to find out. Read on for top trending products and easy solutions for knots, tangles and breakage from a natural hair guru.

The Quiz

1.Which Celeb hairstyle clique do you belong to?

A. Sisters who keep it curly  (Janelle Monae, Corinne Bailey Rae, Macy Gray)

B. Sisters who wear it sleek (Jada Pinett Smith, keisha Knight Pulliam, Queen Latifa)

C.Sisters who like it easy in locs and in braids (Whoopi Goldberg, Ledisi, Melissa Harris-Perry)

D.Sisters who switch it up (Erykah Badu, Solange Knowles, Jill Scott)


2. How often do you wash and condition your hair?

A. Twice a week. I like to wash and go.

B. Every two weeks. Wetting my hair means losing my blowout.

C. Once a month. I don’t want to ruin my braids or locs.

D. It depends on the hairdo I’m rocking that week.




3. What is your biggest style challenge?

A. My stands get knots and tangle very easily.

B. My hair is dry,  frizzy and lifeless .

C. I have breakage due to the style and/or poor maintenance.

D. My hair is weak from constant manipulation.



4. How many products do you use daily to style your hair?

A. At least three. They help me perfect my look.

B. Only when needed. I don’t like to weigh down my hair.

C. One, it’s for moisturizing my strands.

D. Between one and five. It varies depending on the style I’m trying to achieve.


5. How often do you use heat on your hair?

A. Never, I don’t want to loose my texture.

B. Daily- sometimes even twice a day.

C. I avoid heat whenever I can. That’s why I wear locks and braids.

D. Only if the style requires it.


If the majority of your answers were….

A. You are Super Natural.

You fully embrace your curls. Your hair care  challenges.? Knots and tangles? Kim’s tip: before you go to bed, twist your hair in sections. This will prevent you from waking up to a tangled mess,  and when taken out, the twists will emphasize the natural curls of your hair.


B. You are a blowout babe.

Relaxer-free, you like to wear your hair straight. Your hair care woes? Heat damage and dryness. Kim’s tip: wrap your hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase at night to help preserve the style.

Straightening your hair less often will save it from the heat damage. Must have a hair damage remedy cream and olive oil.


C. You are a braid /loc lady.

Easy and breezy, these styles are your favourites. Your hair care concern? Breakage. Kim’s tip:  be sure not to twist or braid your strands not too tight at the crown. Pulling the hair will cause breakage and drastically weaken tresses over time. To keep your hair strong and hydrated, use a root-to-tip strengthening shampoo and conditioner that containsvitamin E.


D. You are a curl chameleon.

You work curls, twists, blowouts, braids and updos.  Your hair care challenge. Over-styling. Kim’s tip: Go on, change it up, but remember to always make smart choices. Give your hair rest between styles so that it’s not overstressed and over processed. Also use nourishing products that promote healthy strands.



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