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Another western business caught up in racial scandal, Forever21 faces heat for using a white model to pose in their Wakanda forever items. The company received a ‘Blacklash’ when you do something racist or silly and black people react heavily on social media. The claim is that why would one let a white model represent a Wakanda product, shortly after the image was removed over night.

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There are various opinions flying around about this which we are torn between. In all actual fact do we agree that they take it down, yes, but not because of the relevance of this particular scenario, but because of what this scenario could imply in further years to come.

First and foremost, Wakanda is a white/European creation. There is no black man in any country anywhere benefiting of the intellectual property ownership of Wakanda, secondly it’s not real! Thirdly, the movie was such a big impact on all cultures and more, as much as we would like to believe Wakanda has racial connotations it didn’t, it had national connotation. ie. the people excluded from Wakanda would have still been excluded had they been black from any other country considering they didn’t had the inner lip tribal marks (just something for those who watched it) meaning if the concept of Wakanda disturbs the idea of a white model rocking the shirt, then it should do with a black model doing the same. So in one sense if did feel a bit petty.

But here is why we support the backlash and the removal. It’s only because when things like this go unchecked it spirals into more and more inconsiderate acts of racism when the black community fails to react. Kevin Hart stepped down from hosting the Oscars because of simple jokes he made about gays. Jokes which gays probably aren’t sensitive to and he has addressed, so it’s only right that the African or black community treat every uncomfortable act towards them as a serious one.

In other breath, whether it’s a major issue or not, it doesn’t take much to simply have used a black models from the start. Which ever way, the only real beneficiary from this is Forever21, gaining a milestone of promotion and probably an increase of sales in the products……FOR FREE!

Currently now the model has been removed with just an image of the jumper

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