VIDEO: Why Did Davido Ask Americans At BET To Wear African Clothes When He Never Supports African Clothes/Brands?

by Nana Tamakloe

Nigeria Celebrity Watch

Davido’s BET speech got him a round of applause when he won bets African artist of the ears and took to the stage to reall make a point that He was that african artist. His speech almost had nothing to do with his win and was somewhat a short commercial break for africa. it almost felt like one of the lion king songs was about to play in the background.

His speech started with a shout out to US based rapper Wale, and then he sent his condolences to D’Banj who had just lost his son at the time. And then he said “As I go on, I want to talk about Africa. My continent has been so blessed to influence so many cultures. Amigos just let 2 days ago, I remember when they came, that was amazing. But I’m telling you guys, eat the food, wear the clothes….” hol up, hol up, hol up.

Ok Davido, name one African brand you have rocked in the past two years? Wait, you mean you drop over 10 videos a year, the reach over 12 million views, you go live on stage to thousands of people and you do not even rock any struggling Nigerian brands to shed light on them? Okay, what about the clothes you promise to buy the girls you sing about in love songs? No Nigeria? Ok no problem. What about your instagram, We see one post alone gets over 100,000 likes consistently. if we scroll down the years of Gucci on your timeline, where can we find you wearing African brands? Oh nowhere! Yet you call Americans to come to Africa and do what you don’t even bother doing, which Supporting your own brands in a dire fashion industry.

mr Davido, the man who has enough power to make an African brand a success on the strength of one instagram post, but doesn’t, is asking Americans to do so. Or maybe he got caught up in his Lion King Wakanda moment and thought it will look good to say that whilst wearing KETAMINE buttoned shirt. In fact the only time we recall Davido wearing anything African was his village scene in Aye…Oh, and when he tried to launch the clothing line OBO, which didn’t go far.

It’s now 3 ears since I wrote the article See Why African Musicians Are Disappointing African Fashion Designers And Labels! with Davido’s image as the featured image. The article looked at the comparison with how the earlier stages of hip hop saw African America’s biggest star blow up some of their fashion brands, yet our ever so popular African artists are shunning their home grown designs. the article had Davido as the featured image, So is it an surprise we find him here today? with that said, watch this hypocritical moment below.

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