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Ghana Culture

In the past, brides wore Kaba and Slit made from pure white lace fabric or white African print for their traditional wedding also termed “engagement”. White was chosen for celebrations such as these because it is recognized as a sign of purity and also denotes victory and joyous moods as opposed to black which is used during mourning and sad events.

In modern times, traditional brides have been seen to patronize kente more. Kente is a colourful Ghanaian cloth that is woven from silk and cotton with much effort and charm. It is mainly identified with the Akan culture although the Ewes and Northerners also produce kente. There are variations in kente from these tribes that allow the one to know the tribe of origin.

The Akan kente seems to be winning as brides from all over Ghana patronize it for their traditional marriage.  Brides in other parts of Africa have also adopted the kente culture for their traditional marriage. The Kaba and Slit style has remained although it has evolved greatly with modern additions such as beading, pairing with tulle and lace fabrics among others.

Some brides have however abandoned Kaba and Slit altogether and have gone for kente ball gowns or other lavish bridal styles in kente. Others prefer to go the traditional way and throw it over one shoulder like the queen mothers.

Why do these brides choose kente? In my opinion, it is the royal power of the cloth that makes it the best choice. Every girl wants to feel like a queen on her big day and thus wears royal outfits in that regard. Aside royalty, the bright multicolored patterns and unique designs in kente make it a heavenly sight to behold thereby attracting attention to the bride.  Some designers use this opportunity to get creative, putting in so much to produce breathtaking bridal masterpieces.

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