WOW! Two Black Girls Going Viral & Internationally Popular All Because Of Their #DarkSkin

[sociallocker id=”98575″] Whilst over 2015 and 2016 many were debating on skin bleaching issues, from banning in countries to skin bleached celebrities loosing their popularity, to self esteem issues, two black ladies turned a blind eye to that, embraced their beautiful skin tone and are making a killing with popularity in 2017.


Starting off with Khoudia Diop also known as @Melaniin.Goddess on instagram. She has taken way off, the senegalese born beauty is now a top and at times an invited guest through New York Fashion Week, she is already working with various popular photographers across social media.

She took off to fame in late 2014 after an amazing shoot that was published on FashionGHANA’s facebook (link). After that the picture did a few rounds on the net and she went viral.

🙈🍫🍫 #melanin #darkskin #blackgirlmagic #melaninpoppin #beauty #hairstyle

A photo posted by Khoudia Diop (@melaniin.goddess) on

Although she might not fit the typical size of a fashion models, her beauty and amazing skin tone has made it much easier for her to project herself in circles the average aspiring models would have struggled to get into.

Then there is another beauty who recently just popped in the limelight. She has been modelling for a while but it seems her dark skinned appreciation is just about going viral. After the few images below which was also recently shared on FashionGHANA.

This beauty is from South Sudan goes by the name of @queenkim_nyakim on instagram. She has already cooked up some amazing images working with a number of photographers and although she might not be as tall as the typical runway model, she is still finding herself on the runway and slaying with fabulous images.

Both these ladies are finding their feet in USA and rising to fame with their skin tone, neither is their popularity being accumulated by being half naked. Their stories are so positive, it even feels unwarranted to relate it to a stop bleaching alert. But for the young ones who are uncertain about their dark tone, please not that whilst you are, some people are rising to fame with theirs.

🙈🍫🍫 #melanin #darkskin #blackgirlmagic #melaninpoppin #beauty #hairstyle

A photo posted by Khoudia Diop (@melaniin.goddess) on

So if you are dark skinned, make sure you get a scoop of your dark skinned fame before the market gets saturated. lol.

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