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It has been reported that manager of Nigeria’s Scope Model Management is currently behind bars for trying to woo a young girl into having sex with him. It all started when Mr Alex invited a new face girl to stay in the model house after she was introduced to one other girl. But upon arriving the other girl had just left the house leaving it to her and him alone in the house.

During this period, the horny and desperate manager offered her nothing but sexual favours continuously and consistently.

According to the victim “It all started in 2017 July. I paid for training, but I told him I don’t have any where to stay in lag he said I should not worry that he will help out.

When I got to lag. He took me to one his models house in Onipanu.

I thought I was going to stay with the girl. But when we got to the house she left. So it was just me and him. He disturbed me all through the night. Promising me so many things. The next morning he woke me up and was like he has got the condom.”

I would hate to defend a sexual predator, but surely if he wakes you up to tell you he has got the condom, there is a missing piece to this story. I would assume you might have made having a condom an ultimatum to having sex. Nevertheless, that’s a different discussion for another day.

However, another surprising extract from his victim stated “He sexually harasses his models. I don’t have an encounter with him but one time I went to his school of modelling he told me he sleeps with all his models and that’s only when he’ll push them to brands. I reported the act then to my manager and I stopped attending his classes.” She continues “The girls I know are his victims won’t speak out I don’t know why.”

If this is true that would mean any and every female model seen and signed onto Scope was having sexual intercourse with Mr Alex. One of the agencies known models was

A notice was recently put out by the organization for models in Nigeria acknowledged his arrest and stated.

Dear Models,
It has been brought to the associations notice by a number of models along with the provision of documentary evidence that Scope Model Management and Mr Alex xxx have allegedly been conducting themselves in a manner that is detrimental to the models they come into contact with or maybe managing. Some of the allegations include sexually assaulting young models, defrauding and obtaining money by deceit.

This is totally unacceptable and is not the correct way to manage an agency.
These alleged actions of Scope Model Management and Alex xxx is bringing the entire modelling industry into disrepute. @scopemodelmanagement
The modelling organisation is currently conducting and investigation and If you are an ASPIRING, NEW or EXISTING Model and you have suffered any of the the alleged incidents mentioned above we would welcome you to please message us in strict confidence as well as provide any evidence by way of emails, text or WhatsApp’s messages.
To assist us with this investigation please feel free to repost this release.
The modelling association is here to actively support all aspiring and existing models so please free to contact us with any queries or issues that you may have.


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