Zimbabwean Pageants And Models Will Now All Be Monitored By A New Association


In a bid to ensure professionalism in the modelling industry and during beauty contests, the Modelling Industry Association of Zimbabwe (Miaz) will monitor all beauty pageants to be held this year.

This is in line with the organisation’s initiative to make sure that the models are well taken care of in terms of remuneration and their well being.


In an interview, Miaz former deputy president who is now the organisation’s spokesperson, Wilbert Rukato, said this was resolved at a meeting held last weekend where new board members were appointed.

“The modeling industry has come together as one for the purpose of uplifting the standards of the industry and this is going to be done by new board members comprising of new blood and the old guard.

“Pageant organisers will work together and set aside all differences of business approach or opinion to concentrate on making 2016 the best year on the modelling industry since the creation of Miaz,” he said.

Rukato highlighted that it was at the meeting that it was unanimously agreed that the organisation be involved in each and every local small or big pageant.

“We agreed that this year 2016 Miaz is to be involved in every pageant regardless of size, engage all advertising agencies established or upcoming and encourage them all to remunerate models fairly and timeously and to curb the abuse of models at the hands of rogue model agencies and errant pageant promoters.”

He added that Miaz which is going to be involved in Miss Zimbabwe 2016 is being backed by strong team that is going to make sure that the rights of the models are protected.

“With a strong legal team behind us we are investigating and will promptly make use of every piece of legislation available to us under the laws of Zimbabwe to protect the rights of every local model as we follow the long and far reaching footsteps of our mother Kiki Divaris who left us a legacy of excellence and an undying passion for the cause of local modeling talent which ranks among the best in Africa,” he said.

Reports of abuse and mistreatment of models have spoilt various pageants while lack of professionalism has haunted the industry for many years.

Source: Herald.co.zw

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