AFRE ANKO is  bespoke clothing and jewellery brand in Ghana established by Achia Afre. Achia Afre was trained both in Ghana and the UK with a degree in fashion design and illustration from Lewisham Southwark College.

When it comes to a long standing brand, AFRE ANKO is one of the enduring brands in the Ghanaian fashion space for the past decade.  Her signature lies in well made exclusive clothes that are bold and un-apologetically feminine with attention to details for both the average size and plus size women.

You will see from her showcase on Accra Fashion Week C/R 2018 that her clothes make a statement, with a focus on quality tailoring with bold and feminine details. All of her collections oozes class and elegance that is only heightened by the use of African prints.

From clothing to accessories, AFRE ANKO is got something available for everyone!

See more pictures and video below to see all her collection showcased at the Accra Fashion Week C/R 2018 


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