Board Of Fashion Ghana Publishes Works Of Over 2000 African Fashion Designers, Here Is Why We Are Celebrating This

by Nana Tamakloe
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In the recent flood of Fashion Weeks, from Zambia, to Angola, to Accra, to Lagos, to Mozambique and much more events, we at come to the realization that designers on our designer directory list (here) had reached over 2000 since we began in early 2013 and read below to find out why we celebrate this.


Prior to FashionGHANA, there were three categories one could place blogs that shed light on African fashion. The first and dominant were foreign blogs, that mostly wrote about Africans outside of Africa under the notion of African fashion, leaving the vast continent of talent out of their posts. Not out of neglect, but out of lack of knowing what was going on in Africa.

The second dominant was the entertainment and blogs covering a wide range of areas, that will publish anything from celebrities to politics with only a hint of fashion, maybe even sometimes once a month of you are lucky. Which made it it difficult for fashion lovers to really get what they wanted from such blogs. And then (at the time) were just a handful of local fashion blogs that put little to no effort or concern in bringing fashion to light as the money couldn’t sustain their activities.

Back then we felt what was generally considered or projected as African fashion was not a real reflection of fashion activities in Africa and the real talent. Due to this we were compelled to utilize the blog section of to bring to life everything that happens on the ground even then when organization and production were not so pleasing.

Our real motivation wasn’t to compete as we didn’t even assume there was any support for what we were about to do, but to ensure that African designers were recognized for the intellectual property and that we had a database that could always be referred to as to when a designer showcased where, and what was presented in their look book at a particular date. Not only by blog, but images and videos.

We were also motivated to break the mold of designers being popular simply by having connections, and we aimed to create a platform that gave all a chance for the public to decide after seeing their work. Little did we know, and believe we didn’t expect it, our passion to create this will give rise or contribute to the popularity of African fashion worldwide, connecting designers from one country to fashion shows in another, Inspiring fashion blogs to find content and discover talent they never knew, being a database for others to find others in another country, we diverted the notion of African fashion from covering African foreign entities to actual fashion in Africa. All whilst attracting over 1 million followers in facbook with no paid adverts.

So to see our list of designers reach over 2000, not 200 but 2000, designers is a very proud moment for us. In our 4 years of blogging, we have seen designer rise, we have seen designer fall, we have seen them graduate and we have seen some pass away. We have had thank you’s and appreciation from some of the most unexpected corners of Africa, and although it doesn’t pay the bills, it is what got us started and will keep us going.

We look forward to discovering more designers in the years to come and taking them straight to the public, hopefully very soon of this 2000 plus, we will see some turn into international fashion brands. 2017 is going to be greater! See our directory of designers here; African Fashion Designers, and if you are a designer, event organizer or more, remember to keep us updated with you activities by simply emailing us. And yes, FashionGHANA TV will be returning, so make sure you subscribe you our youtube channel

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