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Social Media Management

Our social media handling services goes for $150/month or roughly 800ghs per month. This consists of us taking control of updating your page and executing various strategies of engagement to increase visibility and/or growth in numbers.

We ensure our team engages in creating, scheduling, analyzing, and interact with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even if your time is limited, social media management tools and services can make your social media presence a priority.

PR & Branding

INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / When it comes to PR, we understand the importance of having a voice in a very loud world, but we also understand branding is the tone at which will make ears tune in.

Your brand has its market and you do not need to keep altering your creativity to appeal to your potential patrons. Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring your strengths are marginalized and magnified to create appeal to reach your full potential. We work diligently with the designer to understand their course of direction and ensure it’s reflected in the relevant media.

Designer Management

INCLUDES SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT & PR AND PROMOTION /Design management is a tool that aims to assist the creative process, from the very beginning of design to sales. We plan and build structural and organizational strategies for the designer.

In addition, we provide timely in-depth analysis for your brand and to pinpoint areas of decline and growth, prior to brainstorming around resolutions and areas for financial growth that are unique to your portfolio. That service also includes social media handling, public relations, etc to help the designer stay rooted in designing without distractions.




We want clients to write and be written about. We do this several ways:

-Drafting, distribution, and follow-up with journalists-
-Self-published blogs & articles on your company blog, LinkedIn, and Medium-
-Working with you to develop a timely and robust crisis management strategy, with implementation-


We work with our clients to identify their most relevant strengths and brand essentials that need to be exposed.


Our journalist team will then produce the most effective press release bringing to light the brand essentials with a focus on what will entice your core media base.


Once set, your press release is then dispersed to a highly influential and relevant set of publications in addition to an extra 4,000+ media contacts.

««        ADVERTISEMENT        »»

For all your style and fashion interests, we are here to help you make advertising much easier. There is no space on the web that will help you reach such a targetted audience in the world of African fashion.


A post on any of our social media platforms prices can be discounted based on the number of platforms or number of posts: $25/150GHS


A medium rectangle located on the right side of the home page (SAMPLE AD 300 X 250): $100 / Week


All posts are do-follow links & remain on the website unless asked to be Removed. Normal Guest Posts $50, Existing Post Inserts $25, Casino/Gambling $80


A long banner ad across the top of each of the premium pages (SAMPLE AD 720 X 90): $300 / Week


Posts for look books, shoots and/or events. All photos for this package must be from one event or shoot. –UP TO TEN PHOTOS– Images on all FashionGHANA Platforms: $80


Banner spread out across entire website background on every page: $1000 / Week

To date, our social media base is the best fashion and lifestyle platform to advertise on anywhere in Africa. Our Facebook page has a whopping 1million followers. Our website has a frequent visit count of 6000-10,000 hits daily. And our Instagram page hosts 40,000 followers. If your content also favors our readership, it will be automatically shared on other social network platforms.

We also host advertising space on our website to help you reach your true potential stylish clients. See our very affordable prices available.


As proud organizers of Awards and Accra Fashion Week as well as the former producers for Miss West Africa, We are more than capable and willing to assist with your events.

Our portfolio extends to event planning, decoration, event coverage, promotion and more. Much of the outsourced services will be set to some of the most professional and disciplined contractors.

We can also assist you to reach a targetted audience relavant to your showcase. Ensuring maximum visibility patronage towards the value of your resources and content.

We take into full consideration the value of your guests experience, from production to scheduling, to decor and red carpet, and even simple things such as the mood of the period. All is set and planned in advance.

We are always ready and willing to assist, no matter how big or small, creative or formal, public or virtual the event may be. Give us a call as soon as! All charges are customized depending on your requests.

Contact us for live up-to-date coverage of your event. +233233622008

We can help you reach out to get a targetted or vast fashion orientated audience. Get intouch +233233622008

We are more than willing to help assist in event production, from set up, to models, designer and more. Get intouch +233233622008


Get 1000 Designer label tags for 500ghs only.

35ghs per shirt.

Iron pendants: 700ghs for mold, 10ghs per piece.

400ghs for thick plastic cards set of 500.

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