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California surfer Greg Arnette launched his sunglasses company back in 1992, and the brand quickly became famous among surfers, skaters and other sports aficionados because of its durability and stylish designs. Arnette sunglasses has made a name atop the eyewear industry by integrating premium-made lens with lightweight frames made from strong materials.

With a variety of colors and designs to choose from, the Arnette brand’s wide collection of sunglasses can leave a first-time shopper in awe. In this article, we will go through some of the most-bought models of Arnette to give buyers an idea of what they should be looking for in a purchase.

Models for Outdoor and Recreational Activities

The Arnette brand was initially created to better serve people who wanted to wear sunglasses while engaging in sports and other recreational activities, so there’s no surprise that most of the sunglasses models are designed for that purpose.

For starters, the Arnette Dropout, one of the most lightweight designs of the brand, is usually bought for outdoor activities. The Dropout’s plastic frame is created from a transparent material called grilamid, which is specially made from a thermoplastic process to achieve the material’s thin texture, high flexibility as well as develop good impact and weather resistance. Like most plastics, grilamid also has low flammability and high resistance to cracking, making it ideal for physical pursuits.

The Arnette Slickster is another lightweight model that uses grilamid for its frames, but it differentiates itself from the Dropout with its slimmer, rectangular frame design and overall classic feel. The Slickster is inspired from the vintage look so it’s intended to look a bit more mature, with lenses only available in either black or gray. Then there’s the Quick Draw model, which has an athletic yet smaller rectangular frame.

Unlike the first two models, the Quick Draw’s polarized lenses are created with lightweight polycarbonate, maximizing the user’s clear vision through the shades. This model also comes with a wraparound style to help it get a better hold of the user’s eye areas for better protection and a more comfortable fit. All three models come with 100% protection from UV rays, as do all of the other Arnette sunglasses.

Vision over Fashion

The Arnette brand also offers sunglasses that are specially made to improve both eye protection and vision clarity. The Unreal model, while also known for its sturdy frames made from strong plastic polymer, is more famous for its polarized lenses meant to give the user an improved visual focus as well as better visual clarity.

The Arnette Hot Shot operates the same way, as this model has outstanding lens that contain iridium, a special coating that helps the lens to adjust properly to different environments. By coating the Hot Shot’s polarized lenses with iridium, the model is able to keep protecting the user’s eyes from glare, UV rays and other harmful light sources while still maintaining the clarity of the wearer’s vision.

The Arnette brand has a wide range of available models, each offering different features for various user preferences. These sunglasses are known for being affordable and made with good quality, so picking up a pair should always bring you positive results. Our friends at Great Southern Sunnies sell the latest range in arnette sunglasses online, if you’re looking for the best prices to buy online then check them out.


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