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Ghana Trends & Style Tips 

African culture has transcended through in many forms, from the use of various raw materials, to the African print culture, to the modern / tribal trends that exist amongst the contemporary fashion crowds. However, one culture that would change is the style that is widely seen amongst most mature African women.

There hasn’t been one word to describe this look for years until Nigerians came up with Aso Ebi. In many cases it doesn’t always fall under African print, nor do they fall under evening wear, yet they are so African and so perfect for traditional African events and you will know it when you see it.

The style embody beautiful designs and are usually customized for their clients via tailors. Definitely not the type of clothes to pick up in a store. And although they are somewhat being modernized from time to time, they will still always remain very noticeably African in sight. Enjoy these Aso Ebi looks below.


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