Bulk Orders For African Fashion

by FashionGHANA Admin

Here are FashionGHANA.com, we are capable of providing retailers with all sort of African fashion designs upon request. Any outfit relative to print

After agreements via consultation, 50% of the bulk order cost of production will need to be made before any orders proceed. At which point you will be given a rough estimate as to the time your order would be complete by. When you order is complete we will then away the remaining half of production costs plus the cost of delivery.

We are able to take orders upon designs on our online boutique, designs from the work of other designers, or designs which you have created yourself which our tailors can produce. If your request involves a third party we will consult them upon your desire and provide feedback.

Total cost will be the cost of production which the prices will be sent to you upon request. In addition to this will also be the cost of delivery + $30. Simply put Production Cost + Delivery Cost + $25 Packaging.
1-5 kilos = $50-$70
5-10 kilos = $100 – $120
The variation is sensitive to your location.

Prices are subject to change as per rise and fall of the Ghanaian Cedi.

We refund bulk orders only on upon the following basis.
1/ You have changed your mind before any fabrics have been purchased or production has began.
2/ If you have received your order and goods are damaged as fault of FashionGHANA.com. Refund will be limited to the damaged goods.
3/ If the items received are not as per order. Refund will be limited to the wrong or missing items.

Upon the first reason, you will be refunded your full money minus deductions incurred by financial transfer. As per reason 2 and 3, you will be refunded the full amount.
Upon reason 2, we will only refund if the item is upon our responsibility. FashionGHANA.com offers third party order ie. Purchasing items from Simon Brandon. You will be made aware we are purchasing this item from a 3rd party on your behalf. And we will inform them we are purchasing for an alternative party. We will carry our usual checks upon sending. But should there be any faults we will open communication between yourselves and the designer. If you have not been informed that your items are being purchases from a third party or it doesn’t state in your invoice you will not need to stress about this.

1/ How can I trust you guys?
Google us, look out for reviews, call us, check out our testimonies. I guess that’s is the most we can say for now.
2/ What forms of payments do you accept?
Paypal, Western Union and and any credit card of debit card payments via our website 2checkout form order.
3/ Can you find any print I request?
No! Prints in the market are always changing, for various reason. Buying a specific print is like a gamble. There are some popular prints that will always appear in the market, but those are only a handful. For the most part you will have to settle for something similar.
4/ Are your products the cheapest in the market?
No, they are far from the cheapest, but you will be more secure working with us as per fairness, work ethics and efforts.
5/ Where can I find your bulk prices?
Our bulk prices are given after consulting us and discussing what you are looking for. This can be any form of communication; telephone (+233(0)233622008), email (fashionghana1 – @ – gmail com), whatsapp, facebook or skype (misswestafrica).
6/ Upon arrival of goods do I have to pay customs?
Paying for customs is not decided by the deliverer in anyway. It is a judgement by the national security when to check and charge a package for customs. Unfortunately it is not a situation we prevent from happening.
7/ What if I change my mind about some products after delivery?

We can be considerate to help change items on this basis. Unfortunately we will not take responsibility of delivery charges.
8/ Do you make clothes by other designers?
No, it is against our policy to copy other peoples designs, patent or not. However, in Ghana, most clothes are signature designs by designers. Some are popular styles with print fabrics applied, and some images floating online are not by designers but of our culture of buying fabrics and taking it to the tailors to put something together. In these incidences we can duplicate such designs.
9? How can I get started?
Email [email protected]