• Skin Bleaching Models Were Banned From Dakar Fashion Week 2013
  • 7 Responses to “Skin Bleaching Models Were Banned From Dakar Fashion Week 2013”

    1. Vanessa Hailey says:

      I wish they would just make these products illegal. I was in Jamaica.last year and you will be surprised.

      • mc enigma says:

        what did you see? I lived in Panama for a year and saw excessive makeup. I don’t think bleaching is big down there, but I’m sure its not far. Seeing Sammy Sosa transform in my lifetime is ill. What’s Jamaica like?

        • shan shan says:

          I am a Jamaican living in Jamaica. Bleaching products are illegal here, however they still bleach their skins. A lot of products can be used as well as they know how to mix common househood items as well as certain plants to create bleaching products. Bleaching is not a wide scale practice here, it is mostly done by the lowerclass/ghetto/poor people. We don’t have a significant amount of people here doing it in comparison to the united states or anywhere else in the world. So don’t be coming on here talkig about jamaica as if u know us, you are a tourist ok! Stop painting my home in a negative light….n fyi a lot of people are mixed rade and not necessarily bleaching, it is probably their natural complexion. Don’t go to the ghettos and then come back reporting that everybody is ghetto,they are a minority

    2. Leo says:

      There is nothing wrong with our beautiful skin or our hair and we need to stop comparing our beauty against Western standards. Every African country on the continent should start banning the importation of bleaching agents from all foreign countries to include America ,GB and China. We should not suffer from internalized racism and enrich their pockets because some women suffer from insecurity. If you’re not naturally born with certain aesthetics, you come off looking fake and ridiculous. The African woman is wearing everyone else’s hair but her own and that’s tragic.

    3. Michelle Nichole says:

      Some of these girl just dont know better, they are just emulating what they see on tv, and the admirable images on the containers of the bleach products. we need to educate them and promote acceptance of dark skin just as much as it is done with lite skin on tv and music videos.

    4. ALH says:

      Hair relaxer should be the next thing banned!

    5. Attira says:

      It is very sad that black people want bleach their skin in order to become someone else. It is horribly wrong misconception and should be banned. People shuld be happy in their own skin.

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