(Ghana) Aya Morrison

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Tel: +233 20 858 9234
Email: [email protected]
Site: www.ayamorrison.com
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A Review Of Ghana’s Business Of Fashion Conference

This must be one of the most productive ventures outside the cycles of various fashion activities taking place in Ghana. To ensure the comment is not misunderstood, this is to say there are many...

Press: Business Of Fashion Conference By FashionManiaGH

Being a creative person and know how to design good clothes is one good quality in fashion business and possessing an entrepreneur skills to make a living out of it is another thing. What...

VIDEO: Watch Aya Morrison’s Bella Vita Collection Launch

Despite giving us a great and fabulous launch at Glitz Africa Fashion Week 2013 as seen above. The young, talented and beautiful designer took her range of bikinis and summer clothing to her own...