#BUYAFRICAN: Five Amazing African Brands Where You Can Shop All Your Gorgeous ‘RICH AUNTY’ Kaftans

by FashionGHANA Admin
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Welcome to our new category ‘BUY AFRICAN‘ in our Lifestyle segment. FashionGHANA has been recommending brands and products in our ‘TRENDS & STYLE TIPS’ section but recently we feel that the time has come for these types of articles to be given their own space and all such articles would eventually be moved over to the ‘BUY AFRICAN’ category. Enjoy!

When it comes to clothing, Kaftans are a very universal language that can work 1. Anywhere in the world, and 2. For any occasion. Going to a Muslim-filled country? You can rock your kaftan. Going to a beach resort? You can rock your kaftan. Going to a party? You can rock a kaftan. Just stepping out to the shop to buy some snaps? you can definitely easily rock your kaftan.

Despite the flexibility of circumstances to which you can apply your kaftan, another adorable factor of this garment is applicable simplicity. There is no complicated fastening, no “can you help me tie the back”, and no difficulty in sizing either.

In The 20s, African has even birthed a new term for ladies that love to were kaftans and that is ‘Rich Aunty’. The term embraces more than kaftans but rests assured the look plays a major scope in the rich aunty garment sphere.

Most Africans are always familiar with that one aunty that shows them there’s enough money to go around. When we are young, she is the one that teaches us not all adults are even and strict. She steps out of the range with her kaftan and sunglass and at times her gele and we celebrate the moment we hear her car engine.

Well if you want to get that look, we have gathered for you 4 amazing African brands that you can easily pick your ‘Rich Aunty’ kaftan from, and they all have fresh new pieces in stock. So let’s get straight to it.

EHBS COUTURE (@ehbs_couture) +23491388115369

Starting with one of our favorite brands in Nigeria, Ehbs Couture. Ehbs Couture is a contemporary women’s Wear and Bespoke Tailoring brand established in 2015 and currently has its factory in Abuja, Nigeria. Founded by Esther I Thomas, the brand aesthetics is a combination of African and Morden fashion for a feminine yet sophisticated Woman. And their latest set of Kaftans is soo essential.


BELANGELIQUE (@belangelique_store) ▪️+2348178877665

Belangelique store was founded with the hope of offering a lifestyle space synonymous with fashionable pieces, carefully sourced from brands within Africa. Belangelique is an online clothing store that provides an exceptional selection of chic and uber-stylish ready-to-wear pieces for the modern woman. Their new set of Kaftans was recently posted last week in a video. Check out the videos below.


FREDA CAMEO STYLE HOUSE (@fredacameo_stylehouse) +2348087787707

Freda Cameo Stylehouse is a new tailoring house brand to us we recently discovered online. Their clothes are very print orientated and ooze with much elegance. They make a range of sophisticated dresses, gowns and more. However, their recent kaftans caught our attention. These are double print kaftans, with one colored design from the bodice up and the other from the waist down. See it below.


MEYA BOUTIQUE / SENEGAL (@meya.boutique) +221774061016

Moving out of Nigeria, our first stop is the Senegalese brand Meya Boutique. This brand has been the apple of our eye for over half a decade. They ship worldwide and take on bulk orders, and they make nothing but premium-style kaftans with various designs. The founder Meya has been consistent with providing the rich aunties of Senegal and other parts of the world with some of the most beautiful kaftans. And you can see some below.


FashionGHANA SHOP / GHANA (@FashionGHANA.shop)

Last but not least is In fact, us. How could we forget ourselves at @FashionGHANA.shop with the stunning kaftans in our online store? At FashionGHANA, our Kaftan collections can not compare to the numbers as those above, but rest assure there are some stunning pieces you can definitely target for your Rich Aunty wardrobes. Feast your eyes on our stunning looks below.

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