Does Being In A Relationship Change Your Style?- 8 Women Are Asked


We all dress to please people, whether we refute this statement or not, it is true! Remember dressing for that interview exactly how your friend told you her boss likes? Or dressing to capture the attention of your crush at school?, so it makes sense that we take our significant other’s opinion on what we wear.


Since I belong to the singles club and can’t share much, I decided to investigate my friends and random people and see if being in a relationship changes your fashion Style.  Let’s find out what they said-


“My fashion sense has definitely improved ever since I got into this relationship, because he’s always looking fashionable, polished and classy it has grown on me too. I always want to look better now because men are moved by sight” – Abby, UGS, 1 year relationship




“I used to dress anyhow at first, moving with what was considered fashionable on campus and because my ex then couldn’t be bothered about it, meeting XXX has completely changed my way of dressing. He helped me discover a whole new fashion Style which I love and feel comfortable in now” – Efia, model, 4 years relationship



“Oh no, it has never affected how I dress, it may be different for other people but with me nothing has changed. I’m still dress like me”-Ade, Designer,2 years relationship



“Ermm being in a relationship has changed my style, ” i think i used to put a lot more interesting outfits togethere before getting into a relationship”  I have grown more comfortable because I don’t dress to impress anyone, I’m just being me.” -Bubble (USA), 2 1/2 years relationship



“My boyfriend never asks me to dress in a certain way, I just dress in a way that makes him feel more attracted to me. I can’t let him get distracted by amother woman who dress well because I became boring and lazy” – Amanda (Germany), 6 months relationship



(laughing) ” my husband  always gives me pressure, he is soo fashionable and I a tomboy. I’m now in the fashion Style learning process, I thought he was bothering me at first but it turns out I enjoy shopping and dressing up now that I know what to wear. I will blow him a big kiss now that you asked me this question. appreciating it more now that I’m thinking about it” – Bebe, animator, 2 years of marriage



“Being in a relationship hasn’t changed my fashion Style cos I don’t dress to impress anyone but at the same time I seek opinion from my partner sometimes on what I want to wear and he ends up agreeing with my choice” – Thelma, Norfolk state Uni(USA), 2 years relationship




“I think it has, I like to wear things he would compliment, it makes my head swell lol. As childish at it sounds I like it when we match outfits sometimes.” – Violet, artist, 1 year relationship



Note: These pictures are not the real couples.


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