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Fuse ODG is really on a mission with the ‘i’m changing Africa’ dream! There is no doubt he’s putting a lot of effort in making sure his message his heard. A large part of it recently seems to be centered around being proud of your own.

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So it’s no surprise when he asked his guests at the TINAFEST19 to come in something African, hence the name Kente party. So here is how Ghanaians just disrespected their culture.

As we were looking for images to share of beautiful Ghanaians proudly rocking kente fashion and even looking for some really stylish ones we noticed hardly one Ghanaian at the party actually wore kente. The party was filled with youngster dressed in China kente prints, the type that has pushed authentic kente out of the market.

For those that don’t know, kente is not a set of red, yellow, green and black angled shapes. It’s a wooven fabric of royalty where each pattern holds it’s own meaning. Yes it’s more convenient and cheaper to buy the Chinese print fabrics in your day to day life to acquire the kente look, but when Fuse ODG calls for a kente party, atleast try and get yourself some real kente…..These young kids of today *facepalm*

On that note see some of them below.

This man got his real kente game on.
And so did this girl on the left

here are the rest of them….


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