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Sierra Leone Celebrity Watch 

Gabrielle Union knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s not cutting no turns. There is no doubt by now it is obvious the African fashion train was not a passing trend but a world wide take over (as had been telling you since 2013 before it went viral on 2016).

She was recently spotted in swimwear by Sierra Leone’s leading fashion brand Sai Sankoh, but just when you thought that was all the swimwear eye candy, or for the decent ones amongst us, all the mother daughter beauty you were going to get, she pops up again in Ashanti swimwear. A UK based Ghanaian swimwear brand and give us a picture. (A PICTURE? You can do better Gabby, serve us with more)

For now, enjoy her swimwear journey with her daughter Kaavia James below.

But this is nothing new, check the long history of Gabrielle Union serving Kaavia in print we wrote about in last year.

Gabrielle Union’s Baby Is Definitely Being Raised As An African Fashionista; See Her Images Going Viral In Ghana


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