PART 2: Amazing Nigerian photographer Emmanuel Arewa channels his creative juices on Women’s month with an amazing fashion series titled ‘BREAKING SILENCE’. The fabulous images were couple with poetic text that hits to the depth of the woman’s power and emotional relationships with men and herself. The work was so good, we had to break the series into a part 1 and a part 2. Below is the first segment.


This represents the objectification of women. The woman is to be perfect. Beautiful. An almost impossible standard. Judging by the man’s position, the woman is the man’s play thing for satisfaction and pleasure. But if you look closely, you can see sadness and pain in the beauty of the woman’s expression.

The man is dressed in black which depicts severity, power, machoness. His expression is just as severe, reaching out to feel the pulse of the world. His hair is purple, because he is king and “rightfully so”. The woman is in red depicting heart, emotion, love. She’s holding on to the man for fear of going at it alone or maybe by social and cultural relegation. The sameness in sartorial garb means regardless of gender or social disposition, we are all the same deep-down.

Photography/Direction: Emmanuel Arewa @spotlightpi
Styling/Words: Kayito Nwokedi @kayito_n
Hair: Bernard Okon @bernardsmiless
Makeup: Sulaimon Kazeem @casskoncept
Models: Susan Garland @iamsusangarland and melissa Devidal @mel_devidal
Beauty Retouch: Oluwaseun Omosekejimi @libartystudios

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