How To Make Your Own Cutoff Jeans -4 Simple Steps





Buying cutoff short is not on my budget because it’s easy to turn an old pair of jeans into killer cutoff shorts  without wasting money, all you need is a little DIY tricks and some few home supplies such as, sharp blade or X-acto  knife, scissors,  sand paper and your hands !


1. Mark how short you would like to cut your jeans, since you can only make is shorter but not add lenght to it, remember to cut it in a reasonable way before you ruin your jeans.


2. Cut to the desired length of jeans with your sharp scissors, make sure the back section is a little longer than the front. Distress the hemline of your cut shorts by pulling out the loose threads. il_fullxfull.78205029

3. If you prefer a cutout in your cutoff shorts, then use your sharp blade or X-acto knife to cut parallel lines on your jeans. Give the jeans about two turns of fold if you do not like the thread hanging look.



4. Rub the cutout area on your jeans with a sandpaper to get that worn out look. Wash after everything to give your jeans the worn out look. Hang them dry to prevent shrinkage.



Now you are ready to rock your DIY cutoff jeans.




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