How To Use Fitness To Empower Your Day

by FashionGHANA Admin
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Why don’t you workout regularly? Most women usually reply with the same answer, which is that you do not have enough time. This excuse is constantly holding you back from becoming the very best you. Don’t you want to walk out your door every morning feeling confident, empowered and ready to face the day ahead? By incorporating small amounts of physical activity into your daily life, the endorphin hormones alone should want to make you change your life for the better. You’ll be amazed at the changes which will begin to occur; not only the physical but the mental too. Below I have included a few ways in which fitness can make YOU feel empowered every day.

  • You’ll feel more alert and will have more energy. When we exercise our heart begins to pump faster, not only does it supply our muscles with more oxygen and nutrients, it also has an extremely positive effect on the brain too. If you are often left feeling sluggish at the end of the day, try doing a 20 minute HIIT routine at lunchtime to increase your alertness and productivity daily.
  • The happiness hormone – endorphins! These are released throughout and after exercise, according to the dailyburn it is also known as the runners rush. They have a similar effect to morphine, and you will feel a sense of happiness, which will boost your mood and confidence. Add this instant rush into your daily life and you’ll become more productive, positive and creative.
  • Achieve new goals. We all have completed many tasks/work related goals throughout our lives, however, they do not give you a sense of fulfillment. By setting fitness goals and having a vision to work towards daily really enables you to feel awesome! Whether you’re training for a 10k run or working towards completing an unassisted pull-up, you’ll feel great once you’ve achieved your goal.
  • Feeling Strong. Fitness enables you to not only feel physically strong every day, but also mentally strong too. With your determination and dedication, you’ll regularly be achieving fitness goals and you’ll begin to feel strong, powerful and confident. You’ll stand taller and have the mindset to tackle anything that comes your way!
  • A healthier body and mind. Fitness has been proven many times to reduce levels of anxiety and depression. Not only will your body change, your way of thinking will also change due to the hormone serotonin. Each day you will feel happier, more fulfilled and your energy levels will be sky high.
  • You’ll also learn to prioritise you! When you start to make time for your fitness, you’ll soon realise that you can arrange your life around your needs. It’s about time that you begin to prioritise yourself and your health first.

To change your life today, begin by scheduling time for YOU throughout your week. A personal trainer can offer you expert guidance to enable you to get maximal results which will help you to feel empowered everyday.

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