#MUSICVID: Fashion Designer Lakopué Gives Life To Stonebwoy & Focalist’s New Music Video ‘ARIBA’

by Abigail Oluwakemi

Keri Hilson

PICTURED: Keri Hilson With Popular Ghanaian artist Stonebwoy

Stonebwoy, great artists! Focalistic, nice artist! However, the fusion of the two wasn’t as we expected. Stonebwoy, who has altered the narration for dancehall in Africa with quality songs and inspirational lyrics has always been the artist who doesn’t limit his expressions to critics within the entertainment industry.

Amongst his catalog of hit songs and videos is now a new anthem for the wild club nights ‘Ariba’. The song is composed of electric jazz tones and features South African rapper Focalistic. The amalgamation of the two music characters was very essential to the culture of the ever-growing African music scene.

Ariba? Lovely Song!

Let’s not lie, our expectations of such collaboration were not met musically, that doesn’t take away the fact that it’s a great song to vibe to. It stands as a great party starter and a tremendous track to have in your car or out lounging with colleagues.

Nevertheless, we are here for the fabulous style that swarmed the video, making it an a-grade track in our eyes. The video was shot and composed in Ghana, Accra, but producer and director by REX. Based in a small salon setting, the set and props team assembled a dazzling salon stage radiating beautiful pop colors with retro and vintage props.

Lakopué Saves Stonebwoy’s Video For Fashionistas

As if that wasn’t juicy enough the styling elevated the admiration for the visuals as Stonebwoy was adorned with disco-style outfits, with pop colors matching the settings. This goes the same for the female vixens who were heavily accessories with stunning jewelry and crop topped dancers with biker helmets. All of which can be credited to fashion designer Lakopue.

To refresh your memory, Lakopue is a Ghanaian-based brand that also brought life to KiDi’s video ‘Dutchie’ which you can read about here.

#MUSICVID: Before You Pass The Dutchie, Get A Peak Of The Designer Lakopué That Laced Up KiDi’s Latest Video ‘TOUCH IT’

He was also responsible for the clothes for Becca’s track with Sarkodie ‘NANA’. Also below.

MUSIC VID: Becca’s New Video With Sarokodie Is Fire, Courtesy Of Lakopué Fashion & Akinko Jewelry Styling

If you are a jazz lover, then it might just be the melody for you, but for us fashionistas, it is gravely grounded in the set and props magically working with the styling. Enjoy the videos below.

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