#BUYAFRICAN: Celebrate Martin Luther King’s Birthday With These Fresh Indented Fedora Hats By Broots Fashion

by Abigail Oluwakemi
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Emerging fashion brand Broots Fashion, which recently wowed guests at the just ended Paypecker Accra Fashion Week 2021, didn’t hesitate to surprise us shortly after with his Martin Luther King hats. The MLK hat comes in the shape of the fedora. It has a soft brim and indented crown. It is typically creased with centre dents and pinched near the front on both sides. The hat is bound with a leather strip belt and its brim is wide enough to shield the face from harsh sun rays.

The headgear is a celebration of the phenomenal Martin Luther King Jr. whose birthday is on 15th January. King was an iconic American activist who led many protests against the abuse of civil rights in America. On April 4, 1968, he was assassinated by gunmen in Tennessee.

Martin Luthher King Jr. favoured hats to embellish his fashion and the fedora seemed to have endeared him the most at various occasions. The Broots MLK is a replica of the Fedora.

The early release of the brand is to enable followers of the erstwhile inspirational leader to have something to adore their hero with on January 15 and beyond.


Broots is a wordplay on Black Roots. It was founded by Biobele Derick Bobmanuel, a Nigerian historian and explorer who settled in Ghana where he gets most of his style inspirations from. As a pan Africanist, he initiated the idea of promoting African art and prints with a unique twist of African wear in contemporary style.

Broots is a fashion movement in this era of cultural revolution geared to getting the globe to embrace African fashion and art. The vision is to be the leading brand in clothing production with a mission to maintain good standards in line with African norms and ethics.


Broots recently published the Martin Luther King hats which are painstakingly drawn in African patterns and symbols that proudly emboss the underpinnings of the brand. African, fashionable, bossy, authentic and aesthetically durable are features it boasts of. The MLK hats come in different colours and arts.

The brand recently took to social media to outdoor the MLK hats in colours as shown below. But you can see and by the product via here

Broots Fedora Indented Hats


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