MUSIC VID: A Look Into Shatta Wale’s Song ‘Melissa’ & How White Is Now Used To Define Beauty In Ghana

by Abigail Oluwakemi

Ghana Music Videos 

So reigning king of Ghanaian music (at the moment)’Shatta Wale releases a new hit track ‘Melissa’ shot by PKMI. The song puts light skinned girls on blast in the term referenced ‘Obroni Melissa’. In hind sight, some people might be put off from the notion of light skinned girls being put on blast, and this is understandable if one goes years back when most of the media being viewed was projected by European TV, and every avenue for models and actors to progress were only letting light skinned girls through the door.

However in this new age, with new media, and social media, there is enough media showing that dark skinned girls are highly appreciated, and enough balance to give room for any one that also wants to show appreciation to light skinned girls without being chastised. Ie. there should be no problem if someone wishes to express their admiration for light skinned as now there is a good amount of balance of appreciation for all shades in the media. After all, it was never a problem that all shades shouldn’t have been appreciated, it was a problem that one shade was being shaded on and luckily Africans and blacks are breaking out of that, if not broken out already.

Where are problem lies is within the use of the word ‘Obroni’ in the song where he shouts “Obroni Melissa”. The word obroni has gone through some phases. Initially it was strictly used to describe white men and women. As times progressed it eventually became a word to describe all shades of non blacks in Ghana, from the Lebanese, to the Asians to even the mixed race women, of which is most likey ‘Shatta Wale’s reference in this song.

Where things have gotten much worst in Ghanaian society, the word Obroni is now being used to describe anything beautiful. So even dark skinned girls who are seen as beautiful might be called out by someone as ‘Tumtum’broni’, tumtum meaning dark skinned and ‘broni in this case meaning beautiful. Insinuating that Ghanaians see whites as the definition of beautiful, we have they taken the term for ‘white people’ and are using it to define their beautiful counterparts, with the exception of the really dark skinned girls where the word Tumtum is added ahead. Now if this isn’t mental illness I don’t know what is. It’s almost as the insulting version of how Americans view the term ‘You are pretty for a dark skinned girl’. Any black girl that get’s referenced with this term should automatically stand their grounds and voice it out clearly they refused to be insulted. And for the mixed girls that feel they are somewhat being compliment or made to feel special by this term….wake up!

With that said, enjoy the video… 🙂

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jack August 8, 2019 - 12:09 pm

So Sad. Why mention her skin tone? So if his daughter looks like him , she is not pretty ??


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