Fashion Forum Ghana is a great initiative by Makeba Boateng. The seminar style event brings a series of people in the fashion industry from time to time to speak and share their knowledge and expertise to the guests and it’s all free…..even the food and drinks….A round of applause for that.


Unfortunately for team, this edition did not seem as organised as their previous events. The forum started late (However that is no longer a valuable reason to critisize a Ghanaian event as it’s somewhat expected).

However, the disappointing factors was, unlike before, the speakers did not divide their time to speak to the public on their perspective. Instead they just decided to have a conversation amongst themselves with their mics on with very little moderation.

Where is was bad was the mics were not clear making it hard to actually hear their conversation. An issue that was very obvious that the organisers were trting to rectify.

On the bright side, there was great performances, other side entertaining bits, great food and as usual a good platform for networking. More over, all previous Fashion Forum Ghana event have proven to be much more uniformed so you can expect this was most likely an experience that wont reoccur.

Amongst the guests and performers were Reggie Rockstone, Adomaa, Belinda Baidoo on BMSA, Pearl Amoah, Abrantie, Chantel Dapaah, Victoria Michaels and more. See images below.

PS: Apologies for any typos, this was published via mobile.

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