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It’s that time of the year for African Americans or black Americans to connect with themselves and their ever continuous story, hopefully, this year they will continue that connection with Africa as they did much so last year with the year of return.

To elaborate more, we are referring to Juneteenth. In case you don’t know, it a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. Originating in Texas, it is now celebrated annually on the 19th of June throughout the United States, with varying official recognition. Specifically, it commemorates Union army general Gordon Granger announcing federal orders in Galveston, Texas, on June 19, 1865, proclaiming that all African Americans in Texas were free from being enslaved.

US President Donald Trump who was scheduled to rally in Tulsa today decided to postpone his dates to act in line with the Juneteenth celebrations. The president to date is one of the few to drastically change the unemployment rate in the USA for black Americans for the better, and the first to bring both prison and law enforcement reform to contribute to the end of the horrific police acts in the black American communities.

So in order for us to tap into the Juneteenth month, we decided to bring to all the stylish celebrants we could gather that wore outfits with powerful messages, beautiful styles and/or a touch of Africa to their looks. See the images below.

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☀️𝙷𝙰𝙿𝙿𝚈 𝙹𝚄𝙽𝙴𝚃𝙴𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙷! • • • 𝙴𝚈𝙴𝚂 • @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow pomade @ardellbeauty lashes 𝙵𝙰𝙲𝙴 • @makeuprevolution @blackopalbeauty foundation “nutmeg” @anastasiabeverlyhills bronzer @maryliascottcosmetics highlight 𝙻𝙸𝙿𝚂 • @kyliecosmetics “Mary Jo K” lip kit • • • • • • #juneteenth #summer #june #makeuplover #makeup #makeupbyme #art #glam #glammakeup #anastasiabeverlyhills #fun #nyxcosmetics #milanicosmetics #africa #freedom #juneteenthmakeuplook #quarantine #dewymakeup #makeuprevusa #love #ardellbeauty #practice #blacklivesmatter #happyjunteenthday #happyjuneteenth #mehronmakeup #mehron

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Today is a powerful day for ALL people of color. We have come a long way but we have so much left to do. I will always say that days like Juneteenth continue to offer me more reason to be proud of the black man I’ve become. Believe me I know that my life began with a target on its back. My father told me that the game of life was never fair. That I was born with two strikes agains me 1. Being Black, 2. Being Black and a Man. That is something that has stuck with me my entire life, yet everyday I know that I’ll rise. We are not defined by those who want to make us less than, WE choose who we are, WE decide our fates, WE DEMAND our rights, and WE will never stop fighting. I am blessed for the life I’ve been allow to live because of those who paved the way, but I am not blinded by this world nor will I stop growing to become the man I want to be. My goal is to make sure I lift up my brothers and sisters because the only way we win this battle is UNITED. #blacklivesmatter #juneteenth #blm

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This #Juneteenth I’m extremely moved to see the country acknowledge a historic day for Black Americans. I’m proud of the education. And even though the fight continues… today I’m going to enjoy life in my black owned home, in my black neighborhood, with my black degree, my black + black-educated husband, in this beautiful black skin my daddy gave me. ✊🏾 . . In additional Black news, you should try all of these #blackownedbusinesses I took care of my skin using @moonbeambodytherapy and @blackgirlsunscreen . I got dolled up using @thelipbar @blackradiancebeauty and @bobbibrown I got dressed in my @hgcapparel I worked for @tvonetv and @pinkygivesback I purchased @thehoneypotco @godisdope @deetoxlifecoaching and @supportblackcollege. I uploaded my receipts to to support @keziamw’s demonstration of the black dollar’s power. Most importantly, I stayed alive. #blackbypopulardemand #myblackisbeautiful #freeish #blacklivesmatter

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Juneteenth Reminds Me That Blackness Is Everything. It is Beautiful, Strong, Subtle, Stylish, Authentic, Refined, Elegant, Multifaceted, Etc. It Is A Beautiful Thing To Wake Up And Be Reminded That My Ancestors Suffered So I Could Have Everlasting Life & Progress. We Have To Continue To Fight 🤎✊🏾🖤 • • • • • Meeting Black creators, fashion bloggers, thrifters, bagheads, etc. makes me so happy! Lets celebrate our Blackness. If you are not Black support us, love us, be authentic with us! • • • • • #juneteenth #blackfreedom #blacklivesmatter #blackcreators #blackthrifters #blackblogger #blackbloggers #blackqueer #baghead #handbaglover #whenthriftersthrift #nonbinaryfashion #blackfashionbloggers

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"A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself.” — Malcolm X Juneteenth 2020 | Creative Style Production Stylist Creative Director: @Death_Rho Fashion Assistant @JRStylzzz Videographer/Editor @TayyFlifthy Photographer @KiiTography Make up artist and model coach @Jolie.Jayy Make up artist @Essense.Experiences Models @Wild.Jewell @Haillah_alliah @_DopeEnergy @X_Choc @Sia.Uni @laurenmuccino @TaylorGreenShineModeling @MadiLux_ #DeathRho #Juneteenth #BlackLivesMatter #SayMyName #georgefloyd #breannataylor #juneteenth2020 #BlackQueens #blackexcellence #Modeling #Creativedirecting #Stylist #AtlantaFashion

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#juneteenth ✊🏾 👕 @headhighdetroit

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The suppressed, neglected and gaslit traumatization of the original people for hundreds of years is coming to the surface at a rate unseen before. As we are all collectively emancipating ourselves from real, spiritual and mental slavery in these times, let us not forget the original narrative that we are royalty. Powerful Kings and Queens who have paved the way for humanity through our innovative minds, resilient hearts, and an infectious culture. • As a unit, let us eradicate the degradation of our women and exploitation of our youth. We CANNOT afford to make it easier for an evil that has been pulling the strings of a system set to annihilate us. Boycott these artists and films that continue to perpetuate the agenda for a mere check. We need to show the generation in line that they can be much more than what the media and their environment tells them they can be. • Let’s continue illuminating these undeniable realities and force the change our ancestors around the world have lost their lives for. For a shadow can only be seen when light is cast upon the figure. • 📸: @yonibphotography • #allblacklivesmatter #blackliberation #unitedwestand #black #juneteenth

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What black women feel is REAL: – Being over looked. – Being underestimated. – Being hyper sexualized and objectified. – Being underpaid. – Being bashed and belittled by our own people as well as the rest of the world due to our deep complexion. – We continually guide others towards healing and unpacking the racist system that has been silently suffocating US forever. – Dealing with performative allyship from … EVERYONE. – Being told we are loved and respected only in private spaces with no public validation. – Always being an afterthought yet NEVER being able to fly under the radar. – Our voices not being heard unless we reach a certain volume level only to be deemed angry and irrational. – Unable to show emotion or true vulnerability in fear of being taken advantage of. – Having difficulty accessing vulnerability due to deeply rooted self hate manufactured by mass media and white gaze from early childhood. – Unconditionally loving, raising, healing and helping black men in our community only to be the last priority. – Our aesthetic is publicly shamed while simultaneously being rebranded as an acceptable trend on white bodies. – Our bodies are copied and paid in full by women who are glorified for their ethnic ambiguity. – Black female bodies turn up DISMEMBERED and there’s no urgency for action. BUT YOU KNOW WHO LOVES DARKSKIN WOMEN …..???? OTHER FUCKING DARK SKIN WOMEN. CaShawn Thompson a dark skinned black woman coined the term and now trend #blackgirlmagic A BLACK WOMEN CULTIVATED A MOVEMENT FOR US BECAUSE NO ONE CARED! WE DID IT FOR OURSELVES…always have and will continue to do so. 👑 #juneteenth

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