PICTURES: Sonia Tavares Brings African Fabrics Style To Cape Verde At Noite Branca 2013!

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Designer Sonia Tavares splashed a great set of designs on the Noite Branca 2013 runway using great fabrics. Cape Verde has always lacked the use of print fabrics amongst most of it’s designers compared to other African countries. Last years Miss West Africa International event was one of the very first general African cultured event to take place in Cape Verde which was a huge sensation hailed by it audience and president.


In saying this Sonia Tavares is reopening this window to African culture by mixing print fabrics with the unique style of Cape Verdean designs. We have kept an eye on this designer for quite sometime, and she is definitely making all the right moves.

Sonia Tavares
Sonia Tavares

Noite Branca 2013 is in it’s third year, and has managed to grow into a sensational open street event in Cape Verde that takes place at night. It’s a festival of culture, arts and talent on display. The night also memorized Mandela with a big banner of him posted on the stage.

Last year’s Noite Branca was dovered in one of our very first articles. The article which featured a dress made out of condoms went internationally viral a made a national celebrity name out of the model Sandra Alicia. See images by Eneias Rodrigues of Sonia’s Tavares collection below, and more images of the fantastic night further below.

More images of Noite Branca 2013

All Images by Eneias Rodrigues


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