Our Review & The Perception ‘Young Famous & African’ Gives About African People

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Young African & Famous is a reality TV show, produced by Ghana’s very own Peace Hyde, a lady who once went heavily viral on social media for her curves after flaunting some African print clothes. The show is Netflix’s first original African reality series that follows the lives of some of the biggest celebrities on the continent and as well as some popular social media influencers.


The main cast of the show goes as follows. Khanyi Mbau, a South African actress, television host, and recording artist. Diamond Platnumz, a popular international recording artist from Tanzania. Naked DJ, a South African radio host, DJ and record producer. Zari the Boss Lady, a Ugandan acclaimed billionaire (not sure which currency) and Diamond Platnumz baby mother. Swanky Jerry, a celebrity fashion stylist from Nigeria. Andile Ncube, a South African radio and TV presenter. Nadia Nakai, an emerging South African rapper. Annie Macaulay-Idibia, a Nigerian model, presenter, and actress. Kudzai Mushonga, a businessman from Zimbabwe. Innocent ‘2Baba’ Idibia, a Nigerian musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Kayleigh Schwark, a South African footballer and fitness enthusiast.

Did The Producers Miss The Mark?

It seems there were mixed messages about what the Young Famous & African show was really projecting. There is no denying from the commercials and the 10-minute intro monologue, one was expecting the ‘Fast & Furious’ lifestyle of ‘rich’ Africans, who live carefreely and we the audience get to see how expensive their day to day celebrity lifestyle is like.

But it seems like the only necessary content induced by the producers after the final cut excluded all this from the viewers. The Young Famous & African show (as far as season 1 goes), gave us nothing but an insight into African relationships and friendship. Specifically speaking it gave us an insight into African ladies’ catfighting and men who can’t control their genitalia.

One could have been entertained by the same elements of the show had the producers nabbed the odd Musa, Fred from the streets. Let’s be honest, almost nothing about the show tapped into fame or success. In fact, there are only a few countable moments that delve into fame and wealth.

These moments were 1/ the locations where they chose to have their gatherings, not to forget Khanyi Mbau speech on how she has all the world’s currencies at her party. Of which yielded or contributed nothing to the show or distinguished it from any other party. 2/ Diamond Platinum taking Nadia Nakai car shopping in order to impress her. And 3/ Swanky Jerry unveiling his GQ South Africa front cover.

Good Show But…

This is not a discrimination of the show, it fits perfectly for those that love catfights and relationship resolutions, but leaves a wide gap for those who switched on wondering How does fame plays a role in the livelihoods of young Africans.

In such a case they missed the opportunity to tap into Diamond Platnumz life of traveling on private jets, his large numbers of security. How Khanyi Mbau keeps up with social media, how Nadia works to stay in the limelight as a musician. Following Naked to his DJ sessions and giving us an insight into how the public receives him. Or even at least Swanky Jerry giving us gist on styling others and how it affects their reality.

These are just a handful of ideas that could have played an essential role in the ‘Young Famous & African’ title. Instead, we are crammed with old (not young) baby mothers who are eager to win the hearts of their playboy lovers and transition their fame from social media to reality.

The highlight of the season’s end closes with Diamond Platinum finding out the TV presenter Andie wants to date his baby mother with a handful of children. So one can expect a season 2 filled with more relationship drama.


Once again, it’s a beautiful, interesting, and well-put-together show by Peace Hyde for those that love celebrity and relationship reality TV dramas. The show also takes a step in the right direction to destroy the narrative of African people living in horrible conditions and shouting ‘Eiii’ every 5 minutes. And the Netflix platform is a good one to take it there.

but no insight whatsoever into the life of being famous or successful outside a few bragging points. What we watched wasn’t really the lifestyles of the Young Famous & African, but the lifestyles of many Africans minus the fancy buildings.

Hopefully one day we can look forward to a show that documents the steps and the hardship, the money, the business, and family life of successful Africans or black people as a whole and take a step away from ladies fighting over men and vice versa.

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