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Rwanda Politics & Society 

Rwanda bans skin bleaching cream but that might not stop the evil Blac Chyna from selling her poison. Blac Chyna faced a lot of heat last year after travelling to Nigeria to hype their skin rottening products in partnership with the failed celebrity Denutia (or something like that). Unfortunately for the world and Nigeria, she was welcomed with opened arms despite Burna Boys call for a boycott.

Blac Chyna before and after

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However, it may be reaching the days where her and other skin bleaching businesses may only be limited to a few countries in Africa. Rwanda is now the most recent country to ban Skin bleaching. Aljazeera recently reported “Skin-whitening creams are being removed from shelves in Rwanda as the government enforces a ban on the products. Sales in African countries are worth billions every year. But many fear the ban in Rwanda will encourage women to buy unregulated products which could put their health at risk.”

Paul Kagame bans skin bleaching products in Rwanda

Rwanda follows the line of banning skin bleaching product after Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, but are these so called bans of any help. As we have seen in Ghana is companies will just reword and place an alternative label on their products with subliminal messages. ie. ‘Get rid of dark spots’ or ‘brighten your skin’ and so forth and then have them back on the shelves in no time.

Kagame may not be able to stop Blac Chyna from making sales of poison to Rwanda

Also as Al jazeera claims, bleachers may turn to the underground market, but what is even worst alternatively is the world of internet, online sales and delivery which most skin bleaching organisations are doing already. Removing them off shelves is so old school. They could simply be bought online. How will the government regulate that?

If the government wants to eliminate skin bleaching they should tackle the core roots to the problem, which stems from the propaganda and media from music videos to movies, the unfair treatment and representation of darker toned people in everyday life, or in other world the favored treatment of fairer tone to white tones. These are the factors that make skin bleaching a demand.

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