Street Style Tip Of The Day-Ankara Jacket


Ankara Jackets are chic, trendy and great pieces to own. These bold patterns and colors are perfect for work and play and  make statement on their own .  They are perfect for glamming up a dull dress and  also a must have piece for this festive season.

From casuals, to chic, to corporate, it’s fun, vibrant and adds a really lovely touch of style to your outfit. Trendy and cute, these Ankara jackets are good for all kinds of events.

The best part of owning this piece is that , it can go with almost everything in your wardrobe starting from your skinny jeans, pencil skirt, shorts, body-con dresses, tights and the list goes on.

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Dress it up when you are feeling adventurous and ready for attention with some statement necklaces, earrings and heels or dress it down with basic wardrobe staples like T-shirts, ballet flats and dark jeans. Its distinct nature never goes unnoticed at functions/occasions as it singles you out in grand style and makes heads turn when making an entrance. For those  who live in the cold areas of the world having this is a perfect excuse to glam up all day all year.





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