We really are going to go hard on this one, with the dispensation we all find ourselves it would be difficult seeing some errors being committed by a majority of women who are actually faulting on all levels when it comes to their style, we had just hope that after this the rate of mistakes being committed would be very minimal. Let’s get candid here and point one of such mistakes is when you see women who have got big toes and they are wearing an open shoe where the toes are completely protruding, how do you feel, now you get where we heading to it is not only an eyesore but how excruciating it would be for the wearer, why would you want to go through that whole 9-yard stress just because of style.

These mistakes can be very minute but it can cause a lot of mishaps to your whole look so you really need to watch it. Take for example, if you had called an electrician to your house to fix your electrical wirings and they mistakenly put the right wires to the wrong place you could imagine the havoc that would occur few minutes, hours or days after that now that is what happens when you get it wrong with the way your pair up your pants and blouse or even the type of bag you choose with your outfit and also the shoes.

Enough of the illustrations let’s dive straight into some few mistakes women make and hopefully we try avoiding from henceforth.


There are 2 sizes to this coin, wearing clothes that are too big or too small and both are equally unappealing.  If you’re not sure if something doesn’t fit right send a screenshot to a trusted friend or show it to your tailor and get an honest opinion.  The most important thing when buying clothes is buying ones that fit you properly.  If they fit you correctly then you will look your best and you will actually want to wear your clothes because you will look amazing in them.



One of my biggest pet peeves is when women wear open-toe shoes and they have chipped toenail polish or if their nails are painted and chipped a ton.  I know we’ve all done this on occasion, but please don’t make a habit of it!  If you don’t have time to get a pedicure and your toenail polish is chipped just wear closed-toe shoes.  Also, pay attention to your shoes, if they look old and scuffed it’s either time to get them fixed or give them away. It’s that simple this one actually ticks my nerves so I had to bring it up here again.


You need to get dressed for where you’re going because that is one of the most important factors that play in when you’re deciding what to wear.  Are you going to a job interview, a wedding, a casual football, or a black-tie event, wherever it is, dress accordingly!  If you’re not sure what to wear certain events, message the host or send me an email.


There is no reason to wear wrinkled clothes, ever!  Especially when there are enough steamers around and it takes under 10 minutes to get your clothes ironed.  If you don’t have one of those steamers I highly recommend getting one, trust me, it will make your life so much easier! No need coming out looking like a hot mess, first of all, no one forced you to get out of the house so why then would you want to punish us with us having to see your wrinkled dress throughout.


Please don’t hate me for saying this, lol!  But seriously, don’t wear leggings as pants because they’re not.  They’re meant to be worn to work out in and lounge around the house in and that’s basically it.  If you love to wear black leggings because they’re black and they go with everything then get some black jeans that are comfortable and wear those instead.


We would pause here, go through these few tips and see where you have faulted and amend immediately, remember your style speaks who you are before you have that formal introduction.

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