VIDEO: Conscious Canadian Rapper Zakisha Brown Denounces Trump & Calls Him The Most Overt Racist President

by Abigail Oluwakemi

Zakisha Brown is a Jamaican-Canadian artist who has two singles that have made her known as a hit-maker inspired by her visit to Ghana.

Her very popular songs that made waves on social media are ‘Went to Ghana’ and ‘Africa Home Again’. Two very catchy Hip Hop songs that excited Ghana’s Year Of Return in 2020. A year dedicated to inviting the African diaspora back to the motherland.

Zakisha Brown

She recently released her latest song ‘The Shift‘ which focuses on a general shift of cultural balance in the world as well as the personal shift she urges people to make in their lives which you can watch in the link below.

MUSIC VID: Canadian Rapper Zakisha Brown Proves To Be A Stunning Fashion Queen In New Video ‘The Shift’

Zakisha Brown On Donald J Trump

We recently interviewed her on TV! Yes, some of you didn’t know we have a TV Channel 🙂 We are still finding our feet with it so we are not too much in your face with it.

In part 2 of our interview with Zakisha Brown, she happened to break down the difference between racism in Canada and racism in the USA.

In the interview, she spoke confidently about Donald J Trump. According to the musician “Donald J Trump is the most hypocritical, contradicting, overt racist president I have ever encountered”

She continued to explain how she believes his words are divisive and backed her claims based on his slip ups that he utters.

Watch the interview below.

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