No matter which corner of the globe you visit, you are bound to find beautiful people of all cultures, colors and religion, unfortunately mostly troubled by politics. Mexican is one such beautiful place with a very diverse mix of people.

A survey shows a large percentage up to 1.4 million Mexicans consider themselves as black and believe they are of African decent. And through this there are continuous movements, shows, events, dances and more currently inspired by African fashion and culture. AJ*, a youtube and a facebook channel, recently put out a video of Mexicans who are proudly reconnecting with their roots via dancing and fashion. Also further below is another video that sheds more light on this issue.

DISCLAIMER: We refuse to use the word Afro-Mexican, because to do so would assume everyone else outside of this term or lighter than them are the original Mexicans or inhabitants before them, which has not and can not be proven, and disputed in some cases. So in saying that we believe they have the right not to be excluded from the vast claim that categories them as such at home or abroad.

Outside Africa Culture

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