5 Easy Ways to Make Money in Ghana


Wondering how to become rich in Ghana legally? Wanna choose the best business to earn money fast in a country that doesn’t appear to offer lots of opportunities?

The truth is in our age of modern technology and globalization various money making opportunities are just scattered across the length and breadth of all countries, including Ghana. So, if you’re looking for fresh ideas and job options, check our list of 5 easy ways to make money in an average African country.

By the way, you don’t need special training or qualifications for starting these businesses, so the ideas below are great for people of different ages, including young people & students, who need to make some extra cash on the go.
Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more!

1. Make Money Online


Probably, making money online is the most obvious and unsurprising way to become rich in Ghana as well as in ANY other country. All you need is the access to the Internet and a little bit of savvy.
How many hours do you spend online daily? And now imagine that all that time is paid! Bingo! It’s so easy, as you can use even the simplest platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat to raise your first capital. Also, this area is developing, growing, and is unlikely to disappear soon, so… it’s definitely worth the efforts.

  • The most popular online jobs include:
    Social media manager
    Apps developer
    Web or graphics designer
    Freelance writer
  • You can also try to create a social network for an organization, a polling website, an online forum, to post quality videos on your YouTube Channel and monetize your videos through the Google’s Partner Program, to run an online shop or offer some services online. There are thousands of options – all you need is to focus on what you really like and make a plan of promotion.

    2. Provide Services

    JOY 🙌🏾✨

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    Another business to earn money fast in our list also bases on your likes and skills. Believe it or not but there are many people that are ready to pay for your skill (that one you do daily just because you enjoy it).
    It can be knitting, cooking, painting, dancing, driving, pottery, make-ups, bead-making, reading… this list is endless. You can keep doing it for free, or improve your skill a little bit and monetize it still enjoying the one.
    Like cleaning – provide home services, love children – benefit from babysitting, enjoy cooking – organize a food delivery service around your city. Just be creative and remember that every skill you have is valuable!

    3. Start a Delivery Service
    In Ghana, as well as in most other cities, people tend to become lazier and lazier, and naturally, the businesses find new ways to satisfy their lazy consumers’ needs. And you can also do that by starting a delivery service.
    There are numerous options of this best business to earn money fast: besides a trivial pizza/food delivery, you can also sell goods at people’s doorsteps, do laundry pick-ups, deliver documents for companies, run errands buying groceries for your busy neighbors… again, this list is endless.
    Just think of something you can serve consumers at the convenience of their homes and offices, and you’ll make a fortune.

    4. Promote Sports

    Active promotion of healthy lifestyle during the recent years has underpinned the development of sport as a successful industry.
    So, hurry up – a well-equipped gym is in demand today. You can begin with starting a gym for your neighborhood or workplace. Also, lots of fitness trainer courses are available today, so you can take one to be not only a businessperson but also offer individual and group workouts, widening the field of your activity and earning in this way.
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    5. Buy & Sell

    And meet one more idea in our list of the best businesses to earn money fast – the selling. Obvious, but really effective.
    Sell fast moving goods, find a good location, don’t forget about ads, set attractive price tags, offer excellent customer services and bargains – and you’ll build a strong customer base, knocking off all the business competitors.
    Consider selling goods online: buy them, take cool pics, upload them on your social media platforms along with a detailed description of each item. Be active online, and the 21-century’s human will be more than satisfied with your services. And you… you’ll make an income daily, being self-employed.


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