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The wallet is one of the most valuable accessories available to a man. Tucked safely in the depths of the pocket of a coat or a trouser, these efficient holders of cards, coins, and cash only come out on a few occasions. These include moments concerning payments, bills, and money.

There was no cash used when people exchanged some things for others through the barter system. Back then, wallets were not a necessity. However, as paper money and coins came into the fold, wallets are not only indispensable; they have become a crucial part of life. They hold our driving license, photo ID, credit cards, and cash bills safely.

Classification of Wallets

The wallet you carry on your pocket can as much reflect your personality as your outfit. So, selecting the right wallet for your man that is not only stylish but functional can be quite a challenge. Keeping your valuable things safe and organized is the main objective of the purse. Since wallets are usually hidden, looks are secondary but vital. Your lifestyle determines the wallet you choose.

  1. According to Material

Wallet materials are divided into three: leather, silk, and fabric. Leather is the most rugged and durable of all available materials. It is soft, can fit snugly into any space and can practically mold itself. It also lends an undeniable touch of style and class that defies time. It is also one of the few materials that will withstand the ravages of daily use.

Silk wallets offer more of a style statement than for daily use. They can be acquired in exquisite prints and designs of the most exceptional quality. They are less durable and expensive compared to a leather wallet but are permanent. Silk wallets endow a look of poise and elegance. Some clutches and Chinese silk wallets have very intricate and exquisite threadwork hand-crafted inside them.

Fabric wallets are made up of a variety of materials such as microfiber, synthetics, polyvinyl, satin, cotton, and nylon. It is advisable to select the material depending on the wallet’s purpose. If the aim is to hold significant cash bills and documents, it is recommendable to opt for waterproof material.

  1. According to Style

There are few basic styles available to select from despite the vast array of materials from which the wallets are designed. Men’s wallets usually come in compact sizes and need to fit into trousers, jeans, or shirts. It is easy to pick a particular style if you can decide in advance about the occasion of using the wallet. Some common styles include; bi-fold wallet, tri-fold wallet, front pocket wallet, accordion wallet, side-by-side wallet, wrist wallet, and wristband wallets.

  1. According to Color

In this somewhat biased world, men’s fashion had always been meted out with step-motherly treatment until recently. Outside of women, the word “fashion” was rarely used. Thankfully, things have taken a twist for the brighter, and better! Women’s wallets come in a medley of designs and a rainbow of colors, not to mention the designer labels array. As always, they are spoilt for hues, shades, and colors!


For cut edge, the leather is stitched and cut together. This will leave a visible mark on the leather. In the case of turned edge, the leather is twisted and then thinned before it is stitched. Understandably, this requires an expert artisan and takes longer to make, but the product will last for long.

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