Bibi Bright’s See-Through Dress Saga Continues As Ghanaians Go After Her Stylist, Akosua Vee



Humorous ‘Ghanaian celebrity’ blogger Ameyaw Debrah sets eyes on the stylists responsible for Bibi Bright’s dress. Yes, some of our non Ghanaian readers might feel the dress wasn’t way off their nude-o-meter, but welcome to our beloved country Ghana.


A month ago a public personality by the name of Hamamat Montia was publicly on the roster for the side fold of her breast being captured on camera whilst wearing a normal sleeveless dress. And it made headlines!

So there is no way our Ghanaian public and media is letting Bibi Bright off the hook, even more so scrutiny now spills over to her stylist and the designer behind the dress. Akosua Vee is a growing stylists making a name in the industry after having a very immediate serge of instagram followers. You have most likely seen some of her pics on various African fashion blogs, see her below.


Tha fast growing Ghanaian stylists may just have hit the biggest style bump of the year and the designer Sima Brew neither has been let off the hook. Many who have voiced their critical opinions claim she has been deleting their comments. Read Ameyaw Debrah’s story here.

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