Body Beautiful – Staying In Shape And Keeping Your Body Young


Beauty is not all about having a beautiful face or silky hair. Our bodies add up to our overall being, therefore extra care and attention should be given to it, as we give our hair and face.

You do not want to be a faded beauty with your face looking like you are 25 but with a body of a 60 year old, when you are actually not. It’s about time women start taking care of themselves.

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In Ghana, the biggest problem with women is having a bulging tummy going with their beautiful body. Ask them why and they will give you 100 reason why they have that.

Taking care of your body includes good nutrition, stress free, exercising and hydrating the body. Eating foods (nuts, fruits and vegetables) like tomatoes, green leaf, almond nuts, cabbage, kontomire, kale, spinach etc. can help your body stay fresh and young.

The story of Ernestine Shepherd inspires me a lot so i decided to share it, so it can inspire us women to start taking care of our body.

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Ernestine Shepherd, 79 years old. She started her health journey when in her 50’s. It all started as a journey with her sister, they were both just starting to take control of their health but her sister moved never made it to see the day so Ernestine promised her sister that she would take better care of her health and so she did! And she’s entered and won many fitness competitions! She won her first body building competition at 71! Before her journey Ernestine said, “I was too prissy to exercise,” she said. “I just didn’t want to have my hair messed up. Didn’t want my fingernails broken.” That all changed when Shepherd decided her health trumped all and hit the gym. She started out slow. Those rippling muscles didn’t appear overnight. Shepherd said she began her workout regimen alongside her sister before she passed, starting with a simple aerobics class.

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She increased her workout incrementally. Shepherd said she had never given much thought to bodybuilding until a trainer at her gym suggested she start lifting weights. She thinks big. Once she began to see the effects of lifting weights, Shepherd dedicated herself to becoming the oldest fitness competitor. Then, she took up running, which led to her completing eight marathons! Shepherd is no couch potato. Every day, she wakes up at 2:30 a.m. and runs 10 miles before 5 a.m. After that, it’s on to the gym, where she works as a personal trainer. She also reads her bible daily and devotes time to God each morning.

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