Top Ghanaian Designer Brand Brigitte Merki Goes Muslim – And Prepares For Muslim Fashion Show With NO MEN!


Brigitte-Merki-Ibrahim-200x200One of Ghana’s reknowned fashion designer Brigitte Merki has disappeared from the lime light for quite some time. Some may not have noticed but on the sound of the name her absence will click to fashionista’s.

Today, got the scoop that the talented designer who once featured on almost all important African fashion runways has converted her boutique to a Muslim boutique. Although she has always been a Muslim, on her path to deepen her Islamic incentives, she realized the search for Muslim clothing wasn’t as easy, and there for in late 2013 she converted her BM (Brigitte Merki) boutique to solely sell Muslim women clothes.


The designer is still using a wide range of fabrics, including great African fabrics, but with this conversion also comes some rules. She will not be participating in fashion shows that showcase women with men in the crowd as women should not be flaunted in front of men. Which mainly explains her absence from the public arena.

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Never the less, in March, Brigitte Merki, alongside other female Muslim designers are coming together to hold a fashion show strictly for a female audience, of which no images will be released onto the public, meaning not even your favorite fashion youtube channel,, will be able to cover it. Or at least not until media develops a tool that can restrict gender viewership.

For non Muslims here is some fabuloutastic news. In attempt to let go of all the non Islamic style clothing, the store is holding a grand sale of all previous Brigette Merki designs, even those from her amazing collection showcased last year at the Ghana Fashion And Design Week 2012 (below) and from her collection Kaleidoscope that never hit the runway. These clothes are now classic pieces on sale and most likely a must have. We wish the team at BM good luck on their new venture. Not bad for the mipsterz (read about mipsterz here).

Brigitte Merki At Ghana Fashion & Design Week 2012.



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