Definitely the most impressive edition of Swahili Fashion Week to date. The 2016 edition saw some of the best talents from East Africa grace the runway. Not only was the fashion on the runway fabulous, but so was the stage setting and platform.


View the designers below. To see all runway action from the event, click on Swahili Fashion Week 2016.

See all designs by Brills Creation, H&A Dress To Impress, Jamilla Vera Swai & Jina Langu Ni.

4. Brills Creations @ Swahili Fashion Week 2016

Brills Creation

Click » For H&A Dress To Impress

3. H&A Dress To Impress @ Swahili Fashion Week 2016

H&A Dress2Impress

Click « For Brills Creations | Click » For Jamilla Vera Swai

2. Jamilla Vera Swai @ Swahili Fashion Week 2016

Jamilla Vera Swai

Jamilla Vera Swai

Click « For H&A Dress To Impress | Click » For Jina Langu Ni

1. Jina Langu Ni @ Swahili Fashion Week 2016

Jina Langu Ni

Click « For Jamilla Vera Swai

Pictures by SDR Photos

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