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So we all know about H&Ms racist tweet promotional campaign and if you haven’t that must be a large rock you are living under. Well some of our glorious people on instagram took to social media to reveal the true identity of the young boy in the racist shirt made b H&M.


From P Diddy to Joe Budden and more, post recreated images of the young man with the right inspiring words young black children and children of all races should be identified with. The @Weeknd also claimed to no longer work with H&M, unfortunately it seems like he might have been paid to retract his statement, either that or backed away from the pressure.

Anyways see the recreated images below.

The coolest KING 👑 in the world #kingod #blackkings #akomicsart #artlife

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I had to break my social media fast to address this atrocity. It’s sad that @hm is so insensitive to the reality of racism they’re apparently “unaware” that calling black people monkeys is extremely offensive. If You skim throughout their pictures on their page they rarely post anything with black male models, yet In one of the few instances that you do, you coincidentally choose a monkey reference? I’ve decided to postpone any purchases from @hm and I hope some massive campaign of recompense takes place. I want to say that this is not this beautiful young boys fault. He is a beautiful brown skinned CHILD! Shout out to other entities for understanding healthier ways that people of color need to be portrayed in this day and age. We’re nobody’s kong. We’re KING! If you don’t understand, don’t speak on it. Please save the religious cliche’s about “there’s no black or white in Jesus..” etc… My Jesus hates racism, injustice, & oppression. it’s time for hate to chill. It’s time for platforms of influence to be held accountable. It’s time for our beautiful black children to be considered and respected. I love you all. I’m highly upset. @hm DO BETTER! BE BETTER!

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Salute King.

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Ghana Raccism


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